Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Initial works

Initial idea: Create an Environment set in an exhibition of a natural history museum, based on the evolution of humans, creating creature/character models for each stage of evolution.

As a beginning idea, this was a project which would both appeal to me interests in pre-history, and character modelling. However, once starting my research, and having chosen 6 stages of evolution to look at, I quickly realised that doing 6 characters, on top of an environment was an awful lot of work to take on by myself.

The plan now is to create the pre-history exhibition, with skeleton, and bust’s for comparison with that of a human, with the focus now being on the environment rather than the characters.

In terms of research, I have been to that British Natural History Museum in London, along with several small dig site museums around Europe, where human ancestors have been found, for lighting and environment layout, research. I have also been through several books on human evolution, for a greater depth of information for the exhibition itself, and websites with direct comparisons on skeletons schematics.

Books used: "Climate Change in Prehistory", "Walking with Cavemen" & "getting here"
Websites used: "www.bbc.co.uk/sn/prehistoric_life", "www.skullsunlimited.com"

I still have yet to look into technical specifications for current generation games, which I will look into A.S.A.P so that I can start to consider exactly what, and how many things I’m going to include in my environment for concepting.

In terms of concepts so far, all that I have really done is crudely consider contrasts in lighting and space for the environment:

Before the end of the week I intend to have finished my research, and have progressed more with my concepting.

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