Friday, 27 January 2012

Essential B.S.P.

So today was my final deadline for all concepts. however, after doing my last blog, I began working on my next set of concepts but before finishing them, i began to tire of concepting, and instead decided to start making some head way with my bsp for my level, to put my soon to be made assets into, and begin playing around with lighting to know what my assets will look like in the actual scene. for now, i have just modelled the areas of my chite box that i designated to be my "must have" areas.

Once this was done, I then started to work on the lighting and colours that I wanted for each room. The focus was to go for a contrast that would help create an atmosphere of older and new architecture, asif there was an original older building that has had a newer extention built onto it and has a much more modern look.

From there I quickly added some simple and very unpolished tilable textures to the walls and ceiling. again, just to give me a better adea of how things are looking. The lighting itself will most likely change because I want the lights themselves to be directed at assets to create areas of focus and i want to get rid of the dark areas in the ligher rooms.

I will most likely finish up the textures for the walls when I come to the end of my modelling and begin to texture everything, and I intend on doing the very last of my consepting as I go for things that it's relavent for.

next stop, asset creation. In which particular order, as of yet, I have no idea.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Habilis concepts

Below are the display pages done since Thursday and concepts for homo habilis:

                                                 (The two images above still need images)

It appears that I’ve underestimated the amount of time that it takes me to set up these display pages, and without all of my concepts ready to pad them out, trying to do them both at the same time is slowing down my concepting massively, and if I carry on doing both, I will fail my deadline for the 27th. So for now, I will stop doing my display pages, and carry on just doing more detailed concepts, particularly on the finer details on what the rooms themselves will look like. On Monday the 30th jan, I want to be able to start modelling my assets. The sooner I get those out of the way, the better. I know full well that texturing by far takes me the longest amount of time, so I need to account for this.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Final australopithecus concepts

Sinse the start of the new semester, it has been my aim to get all of my concepting, including the infomation boards (even though they're technically tectures), completely finished within the first two weeks, which would bring me up to the 27th Jan. this far, I have completely finished my section on the australopithecus concepts and I am ready to model that particular area of the level. By sunday, 22nd, i intend to have all the homo habilis concepts and infomation boards completed, to be uploaded to the blog.

All the infomation actuall on the infomation boards is a combination of all my resources, mostly learnt, which i've enjoyed doing more than I thought i would, despite my love for pre-history, and writen in my own lovely little way. The other concepts are of  of a family of australopithecines, a reconstruction of what I think a neanderthalensis would look like vs the 1911 visualisation, an initial idea for the reception area, and finally the australopithicus afarensis skeleton known as "Lucy".