Friday, 23 March 2012


Today I worked on the Deinotherium. I made a skull and a small toy like thing to represent what the whole thing would have looked like. In game I had the skull scaled to actual size.

Below also is the Dinofelis skeleton.

All these assets are obviously still untextured. In fact they're noth not unwrapped either, but I'll work on the texturing side more over the easter period. Right now I'm kind of in a despourite clamour to get all the assets actually modelled. 

Thursday, 22 March 2012


After just wizzing through my level, I kept finding gaps and wondering why those gaps where there. Looking back at my initial block out I left spaces for the fauna of the time. So to sum up the fauna for the australopithecus afarensis, homo habilis and the homo erectus, I'm going to do a small area dedicated to animals. The main animal will be a dinofelis which I have done a paint of and modelled the skeleton below. Also in the display, will be small lowpoly models of a deinotherium and an ancylotherium, with mention of other animals that are also alive in the modern day.

my only issue with this skeleton so far is that this model is higher poly than I wanted it to be. It's come to 11,230 triangles. Since this is a centre piece it's not too bad, I do still have PLENTY of triangles left within my limit but I'll try and take it down at some point.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

neanderthalensis 0.5

Just a bit of a jump back: I finished the neanderthalensis skull a while back, as well as the full skeleton.
I've also done a base for the pit, and skulpted it all n Z-brush to save time and triangles.
I then took the bones from the skeleton and rearranged them with the skull and put them in the pit. The only problem I've been having so far was the fact that the zbrush of the body bones just doesn't seem to be working in Xnormal. hopefully i can get that sorted like, before the week is out.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

lighting change

So I've decided that instead of going for midday lighting in the more modern rooms, I would go for a twilight/night time lighting effect which will become more evident once i put in the sky dome. I just felt that with brighter day lighting, the scene just looked too washed out, and the brighter lighting also had a negative effect on my normal maps.

I've also added in a new glass material through just playing around withy the UDK material editor. Layout displayed below:

 The combined results (so far), you can see below. More lights, bone texturing and UV editing does need to be done.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lucy part 2

Once Lucy was done, i took her into Zbrush and finished the highpoly model as seen below.

It was taken into Xnormal and given normal, ambient occlusion and cavity maps as the other zbrush models have. Once I have finished with the rest of the australopithecus room, i'll move onto diffuse textures.


Friday, 9 March 2012

Lost week

This past week has seen no developments purely for one reason: my behavioral and mood disorders simply got out of control. The details of which I am not going to descuss so publically but hopefully now I can get myself back on track and the effects haven't been too detrimental to my already behind schedule.