Saturday, 24 December 2011

Technical details

Before the end of our semester, we were tasked with writing up out technical specification and write out an asset list.

Details of the technical spec will be posted below, but before I could properly do this, or write my asset list, i needed to have a completed layout and white box design. For this I worked on more asset designs, and made several more quick 3D models to give me an idea of the amount of triangles major assets will use. From those I then made my white box, which then gave me an indication of how many times those assets would be duplicated. I then made an estimate on the triangles that all the assets would take and work out a rough idea of how i could group assets into texture sheets and how much each texture sheet would take. I then gave myself a little space extra to compensate for any miscalculations I may have done resulting in my technical limitations of:

105,000 triangles
100MB of texture space.

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