Thursday, 19 January 2012

Final australopithecus concepts

Sinse the start of the new semester, it has been my aim to get all of my concepting, including the infomation boards (even though they're technically tectures), completely finished within the first two weeks, which would bring me up to the 27th Jan. this far, I have completely finished my section on the australopithecus concepts and I am ready to model that particular area of the level. By sunday, 22nd, i intend to have all the homo habilis concepts and infomation boards completed, to be uploaded to the blog.

All the infomation actuall on the infomation boards is a combination of all my resources, mostly learnt, which i've enjoyed doing more than I thought i would, despite my love for pre-history, and writen in my own lovely little way. The other concepts are of  of a family of australopithecines, a reconstruction of what I think a neanderthalensis would look like vs the 1911 visualisation, an initial idea for the reception area, and finally the australopithicus afarensis skeleton known as "Lucy".

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