Friday, 13 April 2012

26,000+ words

So for the past week or so I've been scrambling through all the rest of my display boards. It may not look like much but these cove the vast majority of my surfaces in the level and in total so far they come to just over 26,000 words. Half of which was in French from my museum visits and needed translating which took up the biggest chunk of the past week. There is one or two pages that still need doing but I'm moving back onto getting the last few assets done now for the Neanderthal room. It's rather quite bare in comparrison to the other rooms atm.

Just as a side not. Some of the images on these slides are digi paints, others are shots from the BBC TV Documentary series "Walking with Cavemen", and yes, I did check that this was not a breach of copyright or my lisence agreement when I bought it. Just so long as I don't turn this into anything other than uni work.

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