Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Neanderthal part 3

Ok so I diceded that It would be much easier and quicker for me to just make all the seporate parts that I made in max and make them all one mesh, and work on them as one, but then use a larger texture sheet. Purely because I don't know how to use multisub-objects in UDK and simply don't have time now to work out how to.

I didn't go crazy with the amount of topology, I only went as far as 1.25~ million triangles in Zbrush, mainly for exporting and baking time. I'd like to have this infomation as ambient occlusion, cavity and normal maps by tomorrow but with my therapy in the middle of the day I need to keep work time as short as possible, so I can move onto other things. I do ofcourse intend on adding alphas for the hair and for in parts but with them being expensive in terms of memory I need to be conservative with them.

Also, THE HEAD...arrrgh. I'm going to have to scale it a bit in max. I'll bear in mind that it still needs to be bigger than a human head but gosh, it's just too big atm.  

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