Monday, 16 April 2012

Neanderthal part 1.

So I've finally made a start on my Neanderthal character. Basically what i decided to do was make a character based off human proportions. Then to make the Neanderthal character, I could just work from the human character mesh I made easlier. This would aos give me a direct basis of comparrison to help me get the Neanderthal proportions right.

Once this part of the charaqcter was done, I then used the scuplture of a Neanderthal head (the new version) and attached it to the shoulders of the human character.

Once the head was attached Then becan the process of tweaking the proportions...

A) The overall height of the Neanderthal had to be noticably shorter than a Human at an average hight of 5ft 2. I used my skeleton reaearch to work out exactly where certain parts of the Neanderthal body should line up with a Human's body. The Neanderthal would have been nearer to 6 heads tall than 7.

B) The Neanderthal ribcage was wider than ours and longer, leaving little space between the ribcage and the pelvis near the spine, similar to that of a chimpanzee. With the overall ribcage shape similar to ours however, naturally this would have had an effect on how wide the shoulders would have had to be.

C) Relatively long arms in comparison to that of a human.

D) The Neanderthal femur was considerably shorter than ours, as were the tibia and fibula. The Femur also curved ourwards from the pelvis instead of locking under the pelvis like a Human's does, effecting overall posture which I will have to take into consideration when I rig it.

E) The Neanderthal Skull was longer than ours as it housed a Larger brain than ours, however, it had a sloaping forehead, and a low arch.

F) In comparrison to a human it still had quite a slope on it's face with a harsh brow ridge and much wider nose.

G) According to facts and figures, the Neanderthal had teeth larger than ours which would have crouded the jaw slightly, putting a slant on the jaw and not leaving much in the way of a chin. I tried to get this across, i really did, but if I altered the jaw any more in wards it just looked like I was making things up. Also, the neanderthal Larynx would have been further in as their Pharynx wasn't completely vertical like ours is, so I made this feature more subtle than I would a regular human.

This was the Final overall comparison of the base mesh. By what I was going for, this is pretty much how I imagined it. Unfortunately, my eyes are saying "omg what have you created, It's proportions are completely wrong!" In the end I decided to stick with the model basted off facts because otherwise you would be able to read something in that room, look at this model and see an instant contradiction. My eyes will just have to get used to it.

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