Friday, 20 April 2012

Neanderthal part 4

So I've got all the maps baked out, and textures pretty much done. Took longer than I thought because I had problems in Xnormal with the cage not fitting and then when i did get it to fit, it gave me a load of artifacts all over the texture which took me hours to get rid of.  Then when it came to applying the texture and making sure it looked ok, half the texture just decided not to show up, and I couldn't work out why...

So the only way I could see if anything worked out was by importing the mesh and textures into UDK and this is my current character,

There's no lighting on ir or anything yet, but need to sort out the buggy eyes, the head still needs shrinking and the hands need work too. there are other things like remaining artifacts still around but overall this has turned out ok for it's purpose.

I've also started putting alphas on but I'll probably finish that over the weekend.

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