Thursday, 16 February 2012

bust and level so far.

Next up the Homo Heidelbergensis bust...

So I'm definitley getting quicker at doing these busts, It only took a couple of hours to get this bust done (base still needs to be added), hopefully it'll rub off for when I make a full neanderthalensis character.

The Z-brush sculpt was also done the same day as the base mesh in max. Hopefully once the base mesh is unwrapped it'll bake down nicely.

Since I've been speeding up with my character modelling I've been using the extra time to  add my assets to my museum and edit the few textures I already had in the scene. Here's a couple of screen shots of what things lok like so far. On the static meshes is a solid white texture but the BSP that makes the walls and floor  have tilable textures, with normal and specular maps on.

As I finish more assets I'll add the to the level.

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