Thursday, 2 February 2012

Asset creation 1

So I've began my asset creation. Counting all my assets, it came to over 50 assets that I needed to have finished, and I ideally would like to have all my assets at least modelled by the end of February, which works out at nearlly 2 assets a day. and considering that half my models need zbrush work and baking time, which adds a couple of days to the simplest of models, there is no way that I can get them all done. My priority will be the assets for the main rooms which brings my assets down to 33 assets, which works out to just over one a day. My biggest concern is the busts and character models, but hopefully, if i just work my way through, I can get them all done.

The first assets on my list (going through in alphabetical order) was to remodel my 2sided infomation frame.  

Next up was my bust of an australopithecus. To do this I used a combination of skull references and concepts, getting the general shape and then working in the topology. Getting the topology of a human head on what looks almost like a chimp, was kinda odd, but I think I did a good job.

I then took it into Zbrush straight away to start working on the model. The biggest problem that I had was simply that I modelled the nose asif it would pertrude from the face, but I realised when sculpting, that it didn't. This caused a bit of a problem when trying to get the nose too look as though it blended into the face, but never the less, it actually woirked out ok. However, in Zbrush, the nose was too small.

Once I was happy with the Zbrush, I quickly unwrapped the base mesh, baked out the zbrush detail and applied it to the model to get an Idea of what it's looking like so far. I enlarged the nose which for now will do, and it is looking okish for now but I will return to polishing this when I come back to texturing.

Next model...

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